Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival Announces Award Winners!

The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival was recently held over the weekend, both in person in Los Angeles and also on BitPix. Dozens of short films were shown throughout the festival, with so many wonderful and deserving projects on display. After two yeas off, the festival finally returned with a three day event in Los Angeles, featuring nine blocks and dozens of films from some very talented creators.

Red Carpet Photos by Jeff Smith and Juan Ramirez

A bit of news from the press release:

The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival which was founded by Theo Dumont, Daniel Sol, and Nicole Castro and was created to celebrate and discover the next generation of comedic storytellers.This year’s festival committee included Luke Fitterer for publicity, along with key staff Russ Pirozek, H.R. Cole, Cristina Haraba, Heed Muhammad, Peter Lopez, Alexis Cruz, Galen Gilbert, Jamie Williams, and DouDou Yi. Festival graphics and imagery was created by Dalton Corr. Photographers include Michael Bezjian, Juan Ramirez, and Jeff Smith. 

Red Carpet Photos by Jess Smith and Juan Ramirez

The biggest news, however, were the award winners for this year’s festival! The winners are as follows:

Best Short Script DR. HASH by Joshua Smooha 

Best Feature Comedy Script – REVIEW by Jonathan Zarantonello 

Best Student Comedy – DONNIE MOUNTAIN by Thijs Bouman

Best Alternative – ALICE IN SOMNIA by Emma Debany 

Best Spoof – FUCKING GHOSTS by Jason Cook

Best Dark Comedy – WICHITA by Sergine Dumais


Best TV Comedy Pilot Script THE MR. DAVE SHOW….SHOW by Scott Marshall Taylor

Best Web Series – THE COMMUNIST’S DAUGHTER by Leah Cameron 

Best Horror Comedy – DAY TRIP MASSACRE by Artie Brennan and Anthony Giordano

Best Rom Com – GHOSTED By Tracie Laymon 

Best Cringe Comedy – THE DUMP by Neil Holland

Best of Fest Award – C.U. NEXT TUESDAY by Diana Levy

Congratulations are in order for all of the winners of this year’s festivals! Each and every one of them are well deserving! Make sure to check out each of these fantastic films on BitPix, as well as the rest of the incredible films from this year’s selections!

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