BitPix Pick Of The Week: The Hollyshorts Hot List!

This week’s pick of the week is a special one, as we get to enjoy a selection of films from the incredible Hollyshorts Hot List, which was announced recently. These films are some of the best the industry has to offer, and includes some major awards favorites. Congratulations to all of the selections from the Hot List, as these are all fantastic films that are sure to impress. While the following films are not all the ones a part of the BitPix of the Week selections, these were the few selected for a spotlight as part of this week’s screenings.

1,2,3 All Eyes On Me – Emil Gallardo’s award-winning short has made a major impression on everyone’s whose had a chance to view it. Though it’s of the very heavy and heartbreaking subject of school shootings, it’s an engaging and engrossing watch. Focusing on the heroics of elementary school teacher Ms. Leena (Farelle Walker), this film was the talk of this past year’s Hollyshorts, taking home its top award, an accolade that is well deserved.

Alive – This Swedish film, directed by the talented Jimmy Olsson, examines the life of Victoria, a disabled woman who, after seeing the relationship between her assistant Ida and Ida’s boyfriend, realizes her desire for a similar intimate relationship. In an attempt to help, Ida makes Victoria a Tinder profile, though, like online dating as a whole, is not always what it seems. Madeleine Martin, Philip Oros and Eva Johansson all bring incredible performances to this film.

An Uninvited Guest – This amazing film shines a light on the rampant police brutality in the world, especially on people of color. While it can be a tough watch, its message is an important one and director Richard B. Pierre used the short runtime of the film to great impact. The stellar cast, lead by Franckie Francois, M.E. Lewis and Jamie Mac all deliver powerfully in what was one of the more impactful films to be featured on the Hot List.

David – A star-studded comedic cast, including Will Ferrell and William Jackson Harper (as well as director Zach Woods) as a therpaist (Ferrell) has a session interrupted with patient David (Harper) by his son, also named David (Fred Hechinger). While featuring some great comedians, this film is only funny in some dark ways, with the heartfelt and emotional story ringing through with some moments that give genuine chuckles. It’s a fantastic film, and one that is kind of a surprise upon the first watch.

Da YieTwo children are taken on a strange adventure as they are approached by a foreign stranger on the streets of Ghana. Matilda and Prince go on a journey in Anthony Nti’s stunning film as we see Ghana as never before. Da Yie is a wonderful film, with terrific performances by Goua Robert Grovogui, and two young stars in Prince Agortey and Matilda Enchil.

The Letter Room – One of the most acclaimed and star-studded films of the list, The Letter Room brings together Oscar Issac, Alia Shawkat and a group of talented performers in Elvira Lind’s look into what happens when a corrections officer becomes entwined with one of the prisoners at his facility when they are transferred to the letter room, getting much more than anticipated out of this change in role. There’s so much to this movie, and Issac is incredible as the protagonist of the story.

There are so many more film to see in this week’s Hot List preview, all of which can be seen on the BitPix platform! These are selections that should not be missed.

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