May 2023 HollyShorts Monthly Screening!

We’re approaching the halfway point of the year, which means we’ve already seen a plethora of amazing films, but still have plenty of time to enjoy so many more. This month’s screening has over a dozen amazing films to choose from, to be screening in two parts on May 31st, at the TCL Chinese TheaterContinue reading “May 2023 HollyShorts Monthly Screening!”

Highlights From The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival!

This is a very special time for fans of film, especially of comedy, as the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival has arrived, and with it dozens of films ranging from the ridiculous to the hilarious, all focusing on different forms of the comedy genre. With over sixty films, this year’s festival has something for everyone,Continue reading “Highlights From The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival!”

BitPix Interviews Epic Bill Bradley!

Bill Bradley is one of the world’s premier endurance athletes, and has competed all over in some of the most brutal and taxing events. His short films Pushing Mercury and Climbing Into Fear have received accolades from around the world, documenting his journies through incredibly difficult and dangerous events. His newest film It’s Not TheContinue reading “BitPix Interviews Epic Bill Bradley!”

“An Irish Goodbye” Wins Big At The Academy Awards!

The Academy Awards have just passed us by, but with the biggest award ceremony of the year comes a whole lot of celebration. This is especially true for one of HollyShorts’ own, as one of the 2022 HollyShorts Alumni was rewarded on the big stage with a statue all for them! The incredible An IrishContinue reading ““An Irish Goodbye” Wins Big At The Academy Awards!”

HollyShorts Gives Alumni News Update!

With the Academy Awards behind us, it felt like a great time to give an update on some of the wonderful things that the illustrious alumi of HollyShorts are up to now. It’s so incredible to see how far these talented creators have come, and how far they will go in the future! A bigContinue reading “HollyShorts Gives Alumni News Update!”

February 2023 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!

After the great success of our first screening of the year, we’re back with yet another series of fantastic films for everyone to enjoy. With over a dozen new films for people to watch, it’s incredible to see the depth of talent that exists in this medium, and the ability to display it like isContinue reading “February 2023 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!”

Berlin Film Festival Celebrates With HollyShorts And Alta Global Media!

This week, a celebratory gala was held in Berlin, Germany, to celebrate the incredible talents at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. HollyShorts and leading international boutique media firm Alta Global Media co-hosted a drinks reception this week during the Berlin Film Festival and EFM celebrating alumni filmmakers and clients at Stadtklause bar. Attendees included VerenaContinue reading “Berlin Film Festival Celebrates With HollyShorts And Alta Global Media!”

5 Questions With “Le Pupille” Director Alice Rohrwacher!

There is always something interesting about taking a piece of history and making your own mark on it. In “Le Pupille”, writer/director Alice Rorhwacher did just that, weaving an interesting and fresh take on a very special letter between friends. Set in an Italian Catholic orphanage, this is a story about many things; love, sacrifice,Continue reading “5 Questions With “Le Pupille” Director Alice Rohrwacher!”

BitPix Presents: Le Pupille

Italian writer/director Alice Rohrwacher delivers an interesting and thought provoking film that is set at a Catholic boarding school in war-time Italy during the holidays. The school, run by strict Catholic nuns, is the home to a group of young girls, doing what young girls do; they play, they rebel, they attempt to have funContinue reading “BitPix Presents: Le Pupille”

January 2023 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!

It’s a new year, and it seems like there’s no better way to start than with another slate of incredible films from some very talented filmmakers. This month’s screening has over a dozen submissions for our enjoyment, and it’s a wonderful way to start off the year. The screening will take place on Wednesday, JanuaryContinue reading “January 2023 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!”