BitPix Pick of the Week – Cashed

In this week’s BitPix Pick of the Week, watch as Jess joins the ranks of the unemployed as she hits the half-century mark of her life. After a night of drinking, Jess finds out that her life has taken a turn, and in order to find something to help her deal, seeks peace of mind, which may include spending the little money she has left on weed.

With Serena Ryen serving as both co-writer and star, this film, directed and co-written by Ethan Itzkow is a delightful comedy about life as a young person living in New York City. Cashed shows the kinds of struggles that comes with living life as a young person in modern society, as Jess has to balance work with having a social life, paying bills and trying to survive. While the concept of spending the last few dollars you have on weed can seem like frivolity, it’s well known that the drug can be extremely helpful for those who live with stress, making it more of an importance to some than others.

This is especially true after her day goes from bad to worse, as Jess loses her job, has nothing to help take the edge off, and basically every option that she takes winds up being a comedy of errors, ending in a pretty harrowing interaction with her dealer.

For a film that is mostly about the journey to find drugs, it’s a surprisingly poignant film. The struggle to find something, anything that will help after a rough day is one that most people should be able to identify with, especially in a world where one tough event, even one that is, at its core, self-caused, can affect your entire mindset and life as whole.

Cashed is the type of film that the more you think about it, the more you see what it’s trying to say. While it, at first glance, is just about a young person whose day sucks and wants some weed to help her through it, the film sums up so much more about life and living in a major city where everything is stressful, expensive and at times, difficult.

A big congratulations is in order for everyone who worked on Cashed, with a big shout-out to Ryen and Itzkow for their work in bringing it to life. Be sure to check the film out as the Pick of The Week, showing now on BitPix.

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