July 2021 HollyShorts BiMonthly Screenings!

We’re a little over the halfway point of 2021, and there have been some amazing films shown during the HollyShorts screenings thus far. Thankfully, there’s no sign of stopping as this month’s contribution to the bi-monthly screening has another batch of incredible films to show off. With some truly talented creators at the helm, theseContinue reading “July 2021 HollyShorts BiMonthly Screenings!”

June 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings

It’s that time once again, as HollyShorts and BitPix team up to show another slate of incredible short films from some inspiring creators. This screening has some very special projects, and it’s exciting to be able to share them with everyone involved, and those who love the medium. These films will be screening virtually fromContinue reading “June 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings”

BitPix Pick Of The Week – Proof Of Loss

This week’s pick of the week is the incredible story of loss, mourning, and coming to terms with both a disaster and each other. After a devastating fire that not only ravaged her town but also took her family home, Beth heads back to where she grew up to help her father. As both ofContinue reading “BitPix Pick Of The Week – Proof Of Loss”

April 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings

Everything is really beginning to roll as this year progresses, with a dozen films slated for this month’s HollyShorts screenings. This month features some incredibly dynamic films, all brilliant in their own way. Airing from April 8th-11th on BitPix, this month’s selections are sure to make an impact with viewers. For this month’s HollyShorts screening,Continue reading “April 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings”

BitPix Pick Of The Week – Kapaemahu

It’s time for an animated film as this week’s selection for BitPix Pick of the Week is the incredible Kapaemahu, directed by Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson and playing triple threat, writer/director/star Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu. It’s an incredible story of four dual spirits, all four containing the male and female essence, who placed their power into fourContinue reading “BitPix Pick Of The Week – Kapaemahu”

BitPix Pick of the Week – Cashed

In this week’s BitPix Pick of the Week, watch as Jess joins the ranks of the unemployed as she hits the half-century mark of her life. After a night of drinking, Jess finds out that her life has taken a turn, and in order to find something to help her deal, seeks peace of mind,Continue reading “BitPix Pick of the Week – Cashed”

The Inaugural HollyShorts Hot List Brings 30 Films Into The Spotlight

The HollyShorts Film Festival is one of the leaders in the short film industry, bringing incredible entries from around the world center stage, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood looking to get some of their ideas out there. For sixteen years the festival has brought swaths of incredible films under one roof, andContinue reading “The Inaugural HollyShorts Hot List Brings 30 Films Into The Spotlight”