5 Questions With: Jason Cook

Today we unveil our 5 Questions With Jason Cook. Director and Writer of F*cking Ghosts which is now streaming on Bitpix. The short is a fake red band movie trailer about a young couple who move into a new house, only to discover that it’s haunted by horny ghosts.

Jason Cook

Tell us more about your film.  How did it come to be? 

JC: F*cking Ghosts was really about me stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing my comedy chops well beyond what I’ve done to date. I wanted to see if I could pull off something completely outrageous and absurdist, but at a high level. It was my first writer/director effort ever, and I did it to see if I could pull it off! Also it was originally conceived as a sketch film for the comedy group SUPERFUNNY that I am a part of. 

What Was Your Budget?

JC: This was completely self financed, with a budget of about $7000. I pulled so many favors on this one, and it’s really attributed to getting Colin Ferguson on board, and that the script was very funny on the page.

 What was the biggest takeaway from making the film?

JC: I think for me this was all about trusting my gut and my instincts and believing in the idea. I went all in on this one. I realized early on I had landed on something that I hadn’t before and at every step through writing, to production and post it was clear we had created something special. It’s so gratifying that my first film has been received so positively! We have 24 Official selections so far and multiple awards! It’s all be seen so fun. 

What was the biggest challenge in making this film?

JC: The budget was certainly a hurdle, but thankfully it all worked out. Again people loved the script and believed in the project so I had a ton of support. I’ve directed some commercial campaigns with Colin in the past so I reached out to him and he signed on immediately. He really helped legitimize my whole ghost porn project. Getting my producer Kelly Parker at Mary Ellen Moffat Productions on board was crucial to getting the project done on time and on budget. She is an incredible partner. 

What’s next for you?
I am actually writing the feature version of Ghosts! I’ve had enough meetings and feedback from the community to encourage me to once again step out of my comfort zone and take a crack at the entire story. I am currently outlining the film, and I can promise you it will be even crazier and funnier than the parody trailer!

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