Alta Global Media Hosts British Talent at Content London!

Alta Global Media, along with the illustrious HollyShorts Film Festival, headed to London recently to host a reception during Content London, one of the biggest events in all of the film industry. Hosted by HollyShorts Advisory Board Chair Steven Adams, HollyShorts co-founder Theo Dumont and Alexa Jago, member of the BAFTA North America Board ofContinue reading “Alta Global Media Hosts British Talent at Content London!”

HollyShorts 2022 Day 5 (August 15th) Highlights + Q & A With Tiffany Frances

We’ve made it to the halfway point of this year’s festival, but with so many films left to show off, we’re not even close to done just yet. Today’s schedule has some incredible projects, and so let’s not waste any time. Period Pieces, Documentaries, Music Videos and more are all on display here today, andContinue reading “HollyShorts 2022 Day 5 (August 15th) Highlights + Q & A With Tiffany Frances”

HollyShorts 2022 Day 4 (August 14th) Highlights + Q & A With Grace Sloan!

We’re back again with day 4 of HollyShorts, and the festival returns with even more incredible films. With Thrillers, Sci-Fi and more on display today, we also get the honor to present an entire block dedicated to filmmakers from the Philippines.  There is a lot in store for today, so let’s get to the highlights!Continue reading “HollyShorts 2022 Day 4 (August 14th) Highlights + Q & A With Grace Sloan!”

May 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!

Nearly halfway through the year and another great slate of films, presented by Hollyshorts and BitPix! Fresh off the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival comes a mixture of fresh and familiar faces for this month’s screenings. Over a dozen films are on display this month, all from some excellent creators. Without further wait, let’s check outContinue reading “May 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!”

April 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!

As we roll in through the year, we get another slate of fantastic films to display for this month’s screenings. As we move back into regular screenings both in person and online at BitPix, we get an even larger selection of films on display for this month! Nearly two dozen films in total are beingContinue reading “April 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!”

5 Questions With Gaetano Naccarato

Filmed during the pandemic, filmmaker Gaetano Naccarato’s new film Farmer: A Way Of Life talks about the damage done to the planet by industrial farming, and what must be done to give back to the Earth and live more sustainably. Given the passion it takes to deliver such an incredible film at such a difficultContinue reading “5 Questions With Gaetano Naccarato”

BitPix Presents “Farmer: A Way Of Life”

It’s no secret that the world has changed quite a bit since the dawning of the industrial age, and with the advances we’ve made in both technology and population, the pace at which the world has changed has increased significantly. One of the professions most affected by these changes is farming, with climate change andContinue reading “BitPix Presents “Farmer: A Way Of Life””

HollyShorts To Honor UK Film Selections With London Reception!

HollyShorts made the announcement today that to celebrate the incredible films that have come from the UK in the past several years.  Over the past two HollyShorts Film Festivals, there have been an impressive number of entries, boasting Academy Award and BAFTA nominees and winners among its list of entrants. With 30 entries in lastContinue reading “HollyShorts To Honor UK Film Selections With London Reception!”

November 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings!

As the year begins to wind to a close and we move further away from the incredible HollyShorts Film Festival, HollyShorts and BitPix are still working hard to bring new, talented artists to the forefront. With this month’s return to the bi-monthly screenings, we get a look at some new, exciting films. A big thankContinue reading “November 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings!”

HollyShorts 2021 – Noteworthy Films & Award Winners!

The time has finally come for the 2021 HollyShorts Film Festival to kick off, and we’re starting with the most hotly anticipated films of the year, with many of these incredible pieces of art hearing their names called at the HollyShorts awards ceremony. While every film that is a part of the festival is greatContinue reading “HollyShorts 2021 – Noteworthy Films & Award Winners!”