BitPix Pick Of The Week – Marry F*ck Kill

This week’s BitPix Pick Of The Week is a fantastic short film that really bringing the mystery. In it we meet Dave Royce, whose life was just turned upside down after a very messy divorce. After that painful experience, Dave attempts to get back into the dating world. This leads him to Allison, a third-hand connection who agrees to be set up with him, despite knowing what was in his past. Though she seems to be an incredible woman, there seems to be something a bit different about her. Over the course of the film, we see their first date, one which seemingly goes pretty well, before Dave lets his paranoia get the better of him as he calls a friend in law enforcement to take a look at her background, just in case.

While we don’t get much from that wonderful twist, there is enough from it to really up the tension and mystery of not only Allison, but Dave, who seems to not be scared off by the big revelation, which will not be spoiled here. Mystery seems to be the name of the game here as this film does a great job of letting the viewer put together the pieces, instead of laying it all out there. While this makes it a bit more tough to parse, there’s a beauty in the subtext of this newly blossoming romance that has some major baggage to it, both all parties involved.

Written by Paul Ruehl, who also stars in the movie, and directed by Matt Ferrucci, this is one of those films whose short format may not have been enough. When it ended, there felt like there was so much more to this world, to these characters and to this story that there couldn’t help but be the feeling of wanting more and to see this through even further. This could have honestly been a full-length film, with the story fleshed out a bit, and been just as brilliant as it was in this format. Ruehl, with his deep, gravelly voice is incredibly charming as Dave, and joining him as his co-star was the equally charismatic Talia Tabin, who was wonderful as the romantic interest, bringing a very fun mix of mysterious and completely open energy to the role of Allison.

It was also a nice touch to add in a character for Dave to rely on. Ray Stoney’s Thomas does just that, adding some humor and levity to a project that needed that kind of injection at just that moment, while also really driving the story.

Marry, F*ck, Kill is one of those films that is already really interesting, but also has this feeling of untapped potential. If this team ever wanted to expand this story into a feature length film, I think it would be an indie favorite. There’s a flood of story still in this world, even though the glimpse we were given into it already had so much to enjoy. It’s easy to see why this was the Pick Of The Week. See for yourself, only on BitPix.

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