BixPix Pick Of The Week – To Catch A Fly

Sanne Kortooms’ wonderful short film To Catch A Fly is this week’s Pick Of The Week! This film is a wonderfully dark comedy that focuses on a protection job, as an older, bitter hired gun is tasked with protecting the daughter of a well known crime boss, taking refuge in what was noted as a “very, very” small cottage in France. Hiding out in this remote location, with its wonderful amenities, such as a putrid smelling outhouse, unbearable heat and an absolute lack of things to do, the pair must not only keep a low profile, but also attempt to not drive each other crazy until things are able to go to their version of normal once again.

Throughout the film, Daniela and Vincent have a very fun dynamic, pushing each other’s buttons and antagonizing one another in any way they can. From petty insults to silly arguments, the two of them do whatever they can to pass the time, even if it means they get more and more bothered with one another.

While there are several actors in the film, Manou Kersting and Melody Klaver are the focal points, and their chemistry is wonderful. His weary annoyance and her demanding petulance create an interesting back and forth, until that immaturity ends in a tragedy, as Daniella does something to completely change everything about this situation as several impulsive decisions put things on an unexpected path.

While the film itself is under twenty minutes, it does a lot in that time, bringing an entire relationship from its edge and back, completely changed. It’s really interesting how one event can completely change how a person is perceived, how they are treated, and where social dynamics go when the unexpected happens, as it does here. This is especially true for Daniella, as Klaver is able to pull off what is a near 180 tone switch for her character in a way that not only works, but is completely consistent with the story. In it’s own, unique way, this film takes the old adage of not judging a book by their cover and brings it into this world of the criminal underground in a way that is very satisfying.

This film has a great cast headlined by Kersting and Klaver, who are absolutely brilliant together. To Catch A Fly is an interesting amalgamation of comedy, crime and drama all rolled into one, creating its own interpretation of the dark comedy genre. It’s easy to see why this was the Pick of the Week, and now it can be seen by all, only on BitPix.

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