HollyShorts + Kodak Hold Special Celebration

In a special event held by the HollyShorts Film Festival and Kodak, an illustrious celebration was held on October 11th in beautiful Bell Canyon, California. The event brought some amazing talents and influential executives together for an opportunity to get together and build the relationships that could potentially form some of the next great films in Hollywood. Held at the residence of Steve Bellamy, President of Kodak Motion Picture, the event included some great performances by Palaye Royal and Barns Courtney.

Of the guests to attend, some well-known names made their presences felt, including (according to the official HollyShorts press release):

Stefan Dezil, Ghen Laraya-Long, Yassine Azzouz, Leon Lozano, Julianna Politsky, Mitch deQuilettes, Shiva, Nassab,  Kevin Alejandro (Lucifer), Jimmy-Jean Louis (Heroes), Jaylen Moore (Six), Brittany Moore, Kodak President Steve Bellamy, Vanessa Bendetti, HollyShorts co-founder Theo Dumont, HollyShorts Board Chair Steven Adams.  Other attendees included HollyShorts Advisory board members Alexa Jago, Ryan Leeder, Chardae Jenkins and more. BitPix and Hollyshorts would like to thank Kodak, event organizer Alta Global Media Events, L.A. eatery Little Pine, as well as Cali Water, an organic cactus water company founded by Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena.

Thanks also to photographers Michael Bezjian and Juan Ramirez for their contributions to the event! A small sampling of their work can be found in the galleries below.

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