HollyShorts To Honor UK Film Selections With London Reception!

HollyShorts made the announcement today that to celebrate the incredible films that have come from the UK in the past several years.  Over the past two HollyShorts Film Festivals, there have been an impressive number of entries, boasting Academy Award and BAFTA nominees and winners among its list of entrants. With 30 entries in last year’s 16th annual festival and an additional 22 in this past year’s screenings, filmmakers from the UK have been gaining more and more visibility, and with that in mind, it seemed like a great way to continue to build upon this success with a reception in London.

It will also be a welcome change from last year’s virtual salons, the digital meetup hosted by HollyShorts advisory board member Alexa Jago and board chair Steven Adams, in the presence of British Consul General to Los Angeles Emily Cloke.

Hollyshorts co-founders Theo Dumont (left) and Daniel Sol (right), along with festival director Nicole Castro (middle)

Today, HollyShorts founders Daniel Sol and Theo Dumont, along with festival director Nicole Castro released a statement regarding the upcoming London event, per a press release:

“We’ve received a record-setting amount of incredible short film official selections from the UK in 2020 and 2021. It’s our honor to put a spotlight on these talented filmmakers and celebrate them in person in the heart of London. We want to thank Alexa Jago, HSFF and BAFTA North America board member and board chair Steven Adams for hosting this important celebration that marks a major step in our international expansion.”

This event, held in London on November 29th, will be part of an annual celebration to honor the wildly talented UK selections both now and in the future. The 18th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival will occur in Los Angeles from August 11-20th, 2022.

Check out the HollyShorts website for more information.

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