BitPix Presents “Farmer: A Way Of Life”

It’s no secret that the world has changed quite a bit since the dawning of the industrial age, and with the advances we’ve made in both technology and population, the pace at which the world has changed has increased significantly. One of the professions most affected by these changes is farming, with climate change and the growth of industrial farming taking its toll on both the farmers who bring their passion to their work, and to the earth as a whole.

Director Gaetano Naccarato shows the love that farmers put into their work and the beauty of the world in this short documentary, which spans several countries and thousands of miles. Aided by narrator Edouard Tritant, this film really shines a light on the part that farming has to play in keeping the world going, as well as the dangers it faces as the industrial sector gains more and more prominence.

An ode to sustainability, Farmer brings to life the need to go back to our roots, to grow food in a way that can be maintained without such damage to the planet. The gorgeous landscapes really bring out how much beauty there is in the world, and the work that must be done to keep it that way. It’s really commendable how Naccarato shows not only what we have, but what we can gain by living more connected to the Earth and its inhabitants in a way that mitigates the harm already caused.

It’s a message of hope, of promise and of bringing back something that is missing in the landscape of farming: love. It’s obvious that the farmers highlighted in this film love what they do, and want to do it in a way that is sustainable and healthy, bringing a healing hand to a world that is in desperate need of it. It’s a really special film that is deserving of all the praise or has gained.

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