BitPix Presents: Namoo

Earlier this year, during our presentation of the HollyShorts Film Festival, we put a spotlight on one of the highlights of the screening, the wonderful animated film Namoo. But as awards season approaches, we wanted to take another look at the film and go a bit more in-depth on one of the most beloved projects of this year’s film season.

From writer and director Erick Oh and produced by the incredible Baobab Studios comes an animated short that is full of heart and passion. Based on his grandfather, Oh’s beautiful tale of life is both beautiful and painful, in ways that are all incredibly engaging. As it takes the viewer through the life of an artist as he goes through all the important moments in his life, Namoo takes that unique experience and gives the character a consistency in their life, which is a beautiful tree under which these events take place. From the first moments of life until the last, Namoo takes us through the biggest journey of all.

So much can be said about this film, with its message one that really resonates. As it takes the viewer through their life, the good and the bad, we see how experiences can lift us up, bring us down, and how, with hope, we are able to bring ourselves back to the passions that help us make life such a wild journey in the first place. Oh’s celebration of life is a truly personal experience for them, but also one that is inspiring and personal to viewers as well.

The animation style is also incredible. Bright and colorful, the animation itself is a testament to overcoming life’s challenges to do what you’re meant to do. Created virtually by a globe-spanning crew of artists that worked in sync during the course of the pandemic. Being able to accomplish such a task during such difficult times is a feat in itself, but pairing it with such a beautiful story is truly an ode to filmmaking and story-telling.

This film is something to experience, in many ways. It’s brimming with emotion, taking the viewer on an exceptional rollercoaster of feeling and thought. It’s truly a wonderful journey to take in. Congratulations to everyone involved for being able to bring something so gorgeous and powerful to life.

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