BitPix Interviews Epic Bill Bradley!

Bill Bradley is one of the world’s premier endurance athletes, and has competed all over in some of the most brutal and taxing events. His short films Pushing Mercury and Climbing Into Fear have received accolades from around the world, documenting his journies through incredibly difficult and dangerous events. His newest film It’s Not The Critic Who Counts, will be making the rounds at festivals everywhere soon, and to talk about his life, his start and his work is Bill himself, who sat down with us to have a very fun chat. Big thanks to Bill for taking the time to talk! It was a lovely time.

Another big thanks to Epic Bill Bradley himself for our chat. You can find him online at his website, or on social media. He’s incredible, and worth checking out the amazing things he does. Be sure to check back with us for more interviews, reviews and so much more! We’ll leave you with gallery that highlights of his amazing feats and posters from his previous films.

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