Highlights From The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival!

This is a very special time for fans of film, especially of comedy, as the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival has arrived, and with it dozens of films ranging from the ridiculous to the hilarious, all focusing on different forms of the comedy genre. With over sixty films, this year’s festival has something for everyone, and we here at BitPix wanted to share our thoughts on twenty of the most fun and interesting entries. For those who aren’t highlighted in our coverage of this year’s event, rest assured that your film was its own kind of incredible, and we extend a huge thank you and congratulations for being selected and showing off your work. Big thanks all around for all of the films that were selected for this year’s event, and be sure to check them all out digitally on BitPix, where every film can be seen and enjoyed!

The Problem With Time Travel – Mike Kearby’s hit film has been around the festival circuit for some time, but that doesn’t make it any less funny or interesting. Starring Angela DiMarco, Lowell Deo and David S. Hogan, the film focuses on DiMarco’s Billy Jean, who is visited by two time travelers from different ages, sent to Billy Jean for a specific purpose. This event becomes a treatise on the inevitability of man’s action (or rather, inaction), when it comes to things like climate change, but you know, in a fun way. The cast is excellent, and it’s no surprise this film has gotten as much attention as it has.

We Love Work – Alessandra LĂ©onie and Sherelle Johnson star in this film written by Colin Waitt and directed by Isabel Steuble-Johnson, focusing on an employee evaluation at a high-end paperclip company that goes awry almost immediately. It’s tense in a way that brings out laughter, and has a pretty fun twist that really adds some punch to the film. With a delightful cast and a great premise, this film really shines.

Dave & Alice Want To Have Sex – Mark St. Cyr and Alli Brown (who wrote the film) are heralded by director Kyle Sauer in this very silly but heartwarming film that focuses on the titular characters who are attempting to break a dry spell after a night out. Having not had sex since their engagement five months ago, the couple do their best to make it work, even when outside forces throw a wrench into the works. This is a cute and very funny film that will leave a smile on the face of viewers.

Stealing My Heart – Love can be found in the oddest of places, including in your own home during a robbery. This is what happened to Madison (Brielle Cari, who co-wrote the film with director Terence Digan) when she meets Kate (Heather Fiumano), a home invader who instead of stealing her things, steals her heart instead as the two embark on a romance, including helping Kate escape when the police arrive to investigate the robbery. It’s an incredible sweet queer comedy that is full of delightful moments.

Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad – Christine Lakin directs this ensemble musical film, written by David Roth and Yuriy Mikhalevskiy about the most inclusive cereal ad ever, as the film evolves from an interracial couple in its cereal ad to expand, allowing for more inclusion, much to the delight of the ad executives helping to craft the pitch. It’s quirky and very silly highlighting the need for inclusion in a delightful and over the top way.

I Do(n’t) – Laurel Brady co-writes this film, alongside writer/director/star Katelyn McCulloch about what could be the happiest couple in the world, enjoying the delights of their relationship as we see them fast approaching their wedding day. McCulloch, starring alongside Jeremie Saunders show how beautiful version of love as their wedding is the least of their concerns, focusing more on just enjoying one another. It’s a delightful film that focuses on the power of love, no matter what stage of a relationship it’s in.

Ferris – Kyle Matthew (who co-wrote the film with Austin Kolodney, with Kolodney directing) stars in this film that takes an old favorite and mixes it with something new. This trailer-length film presents the legendary Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and mixes it with gritty teen drama Euphoria for an entirely new look for the classic film, adding modern takes to the 80’s hit. It’s a unique take on the film and the genres clash in just the right way, making it a very fun watch, bringing a classic that doesn’t always hold up and adding some of today’s sensibilities.

Chips Across America – Howard Nemetz delivers this film that they wrote and directed, which proposes one of the best services ever invented: a weekly potato chip delivery service, for those unable or unwilling to go to the store to pick up a bag. Two sisters, Heidi (Bernadette Gucken) and Gina (Bridget Chapman) are the recipients of this service after Heidi finishes all the chips that are in their home, wanting more despite not actually wanting to get them. It’s a very silly premise that needs to be available immediately.

Weekend At Jesus’s – Barry Finnegan’s mash-up of Weekend at Bernie’s and the religion of Christianity are a improbably perfect match in this film, as after the crucifixtion of Jesus, his friends decide to use his teachings to form a new religion. This will take some convincing, so they formulate a plan to use his corpse to pretend that he rose from the dead, creating a lore around the man and making him a founding deity for their new religion, with very few knowing the real truth. It’s absolutely wild how well this works, and each member of this cast should get their flowers for making it a pretty convincing comedy of escalation, especially DaJuan Johnson, playing the holy figure.

The Angryman – Only a few minutes in length, this film by David Foley is exactly as it seems. A man is angry, and he expresses that anger pretty clearly. Though, his anger seems to have the superhuman ability to deliver him to the location of whatever draws his ire, allowing him to express it in person, however he chooses. It’s a very clever and interesting short, really making use of the under three minute runtime to prove its point and leave viewers wanting more.

Sucks To Be The Moon – With a few big names in its voice cast (including Everything Everywhere All At Once’s Stephanie Hsu and The Boy’s Jack Quaid), this film helmed by Eric Paperth and Tyler March (along with Rob Tanchum, who did the music and lyrics) is an animated musical short that focuses on the relationship between the sun and the moon, whose journey is vast and varied as it experiences the ridicule of not being the sun, who gives life and light. This film gets…wild, and very quickly, but in a way that is absolutely hilarious. One of the favorites from the festival, this is a science lesson that no one should miss.

The One Who Never Watched Friends – This is a fantastic niche comedy by French director Charlotte Gabris about a hit TV show, and how it’s ruined yet another relationship. An hour before Rachel’s wedding to Greg (Alice David and Antoine Gouy respectively), Greg makes a reference from 90’s super-hit Friends, only to find out his bride to be, despite laughing at all his references over the years, has never seen the show. This one admission changes the course of both of their lives, leading to some ridiculous moments and some incredible acting.

The Karens – Director/star Katie Goodman helms this Soren Kisiel penned film about the namesakes of the cultural terror that is the Karen. At a support group for women named Karen, they’re greeted by a misunderstanding in the form of a woman not named Karen, but who’s heard herself be called that many times, leading to some wild and very funny moments. The cast, which includes Goodman, Molly Kelleher, Danielle Cohn, Aubrey Taylor and Tana Sirois are all very fun and really play off of each other well.

Sex Positive With Chet and Diane – This take on the classic public access show features a wonderful cast, several smaller sketches and two of the most unflappable hosts to ever grace local television screens in Chet and Diane, (Mary Venus and Dave Stratton, who play multiple roles in the smaller bits throughout the “show”), a very open and sex positive couple who take callers and help those looking for sex advice. Their takes on sex positivity are welcomed, if a bit off beat, but like Chet and Diane, there’s no room for kink-shaming here, instead just love and enjoyment for a completely off the wall film that is sure to be one viewers don’t forget.

Virgins For Satan – Christine Hughes stars in this interesting take on a classic trope in this Ashlynn Judy film. Written by Sophia Arnao, it sees Hughes as Mac, an uptight and nervous church girl who really just wants to get laid. Since her object of affection doesn’t seem to notice her, Mac makes a deal with the devil himself (Peter Larney) to recruit a virgin to sacrifice so that Mac can get what she wants. It takes an great turn, delivers on some fantastic jokes and is really well delivered by the cast.

Losing It – Lynn Allinger and Victoria Goodhart star in this short by director Evey Yu and writer Iman Bays about two sisters, well into their elderly years, who make a startling discovery, though not without some prodding as the misfires of the mind make the figuring out the revelation much more difficult. It’s a very silly and enjoyable film that is just a ton of fun.

Incoming Call… – You know, killers are complicated people, as are the victims of their acts. This film, presented by Wiley Jones, focuses more on the person looking to get their friend back as they answer a call from the person terrorizing them. During the call, the breathing of the killer is the only sound they hear, leading the person on the other end to spiral into a deluge of insecurity, assumption and truth bombs just to fill the silence, but also causing a bit of a change in their dynamic. It’s a fun take on a typical horror trope, helping the jokes really land.

Asking For It – Christy Lee Hughes directs and stars in this film (along with writer Rhea MacCallum) with Bryan Kaplan, which takes a very serious part of culture for women and turns it around as Kaplan plays a man who was just the victim of a hit and run, only to be questioned by a police officer (Hughes), who proceeds to interrogate him not unlike how women are questioned after a sexual assault, making the entire situation more about what the victim was doing and less about the perpetrator. It’s a brilliant way to show the callousness of how this goes for assault victims, adding a biting humor to a very difficult event.

Something To Remember Me By – Anna Rose Moore and Vinny Chhibber star in this very fun film that sees Rachel (Moore) and Vivek (Chhibber) enjoy a night together. When Vivek leaves for work, Rachel takes her time leaving his place, including an extended bathroom break that ends up being much more trouble than expected. Moore, who also wrote and directed the film, is brilliant, bringing amazing expressions and really making jokes and comedic follies land.

Carpool Lane – KJ Sadural writes and directs this excellent film that stars which sees three friends who have been trolled in a game online go to their home to give them a piece of their mind. Things, as they do, escalate in a ridiculous and over the top way, making this a very fun and wild film that was one of the major standouts from this year’s festivities. It stars Whitney Bacon, Riley Bowes and Ritchie Hann.

Thats it for our coverage of this year’s Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival! One last big thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who submitted their film and all those who will be watching via BitPix! It was another massively successful event this year, and we can’t wait to see everyone again for the next installment!

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