HollyShorts 2022 Closing Night (August 20th) + Q & A With Jan-David Bolt!

Sadly, it’s time for the 18th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival to come to a close. While this is mostly reserved for the awards ceremony, there is still one block of amazing films to cover! So all highlighted films will be from our final Midnight Madness block, as well as a quick interview with one ofContinue reading “HollyShorts 2022 Closing Night (August 20th) + Q & A With Jan-David Bolt!”

June 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!

It’s nearly the end of another month, and with that comes another great set of films from some amazing creative minds. This month’s screening comes with over a dozen fantastic pieces of art, all of which will be screened live in Los Angeles on June 29th, or from that date until July 3rd, only onContinue reading “June 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!”

March 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!

HollyShorts has returned to in-person screenings, and for those who weren’t able to visit live, there is still an excellent slate of films to check out on BitPix! Due in part to the exciting return to cinemas, BitPix has a supersized entry this month, with two major sets of screenings to enjoy! With around twoContinue reading “March 2022 HollyShorts Monthly Screenings!”

November 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings!

As the year begins to wind to a close and we move further away from the incredible HollyShorts Film Festival, HollyShorts and BitPix are still working hard to bring new, talented artists to the forefront. With this month’s return to the bi-monthly screenings, we get a look at some new, exciting films. A big thankContinue reading “November 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings!”

July 2021 HollyShorts BiMonthly Screenings!

We’re a little over the halfway point of 2021, and there have been some amazing films shown during the HollyShorts screenings thus far. Thankfully, there’s no sign of stopping as this month’s contribution to the bi-monthly screening has another batch of incredible films to show off. With some truly talented creators at the helm, theseContinue reading “July 2021 HollyShorts BiMonthly Screenings!”

BitPix Pick Of The Week – Hatched

This week’s Pick of the Week is a wonderful film by Rachel Annette Helson, and written by Kimberlea Kressal. This tense drama focuses on grief, as one woman’s loss turns into a crusade. The powerful impact of this trauma leads Kay down the road of obsession, spending nearly all her time on the hunt forContinue reading “BitPix Pick Of The Week – Hatched”

June 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings

It’s that time once again, as HollyShorts and BitPix team up to show another slate of incredible short films from some inspiring creators. This screening has some very special projects, and it’s exciting to be able to share them with everyone involved, and those who love the medium. These films will be screening virtually fromContinue reading “June 2021 HollyShorts Bi-Monthly Screenings”

BitPix Pick Of The Week – American Waste

Join Joan and Miles as they make their way through life in this week’s BitPix Pick of the Week, American Waste. As they live out their days in the small town they know and live, the couple shifts from day to day, making their way through the monotony of work, friends and the life thatContinue reading “BitPix Pick Of The Week – American Waste”

BitPix Pick Of The Week – Debbie And Doug Drop Acid In The Desert

For the first week of February, BitPix has announced their pick of the week, and it’s quite a selection. The wild, hilarious and heartfelt Debbie And Doug Drop Acid In The Desert is a beautiful ride through the teetering relationship of its titular characters. Unsure of why their relationship has fizzled out in the wayContinue reading “BitPix Pick Of The Week – Debbie And Doug Drop Acid In The Desert”

BitPix Pick Of The Week – Flowers In December

BitPix has just announced its Pick Of The Week, and this week’s selection is the fantastic film, Flowers In December. The film, starring Dee Wallace, Robert Craighead, Gabrielle Stone and JB Blanc follows the story of a mid-50’s woman who lives a difficult live, filled with regret, disappointment and the search for something she onceContinue reading “BitPix Pick Of The Week – Flowers In December”