Alta Global Media Hosts British Talent at Content London!

Alta Global Media, along with the illustrious HollyShorts Film Festival, headed to London recently to host a reception during Content London, one of the biggest events in all of the film industry.

Hosted by HollyShorts Advisory Board Chair Steven Adams, HollyShorts co-founder Theo Dumont and Alexa Jago, member of the BAFTA North America Board of Directors; this event brought together leading executives in the industry, Alta Global Media talent, as well as British Alumni from HollyShorts to celebrate the important position of British talent in the world of film.

With a list of attendees that included riter/director Seemab Gul (Sandstorm), Mackenzie Munro, Kari Skogland (The Handmaid’s Tale), Danna Stern, Rebecca Roth, Christoph Fey, Harro von Have, Oscar nominee Jaime Donoghue, Rodney Charles (The Disciple), Raj Ghatak (Life of Pi), Alba Ramadani (American Night),  Ozi Menaka (CAA), Sandra Chalmers (The Artists Partnership), director Julius Amedume amongst many others. 

One of the top areas for international film selections over the last half-decade, Alta Global and HollyShorts have gathered everyone together to honor those who’ve shown their skills before and those to come.

A big thanks to everyone who attended, and we here are looking forward to giving our thanks to the talents who’ve shared their abilities with us from Britian in the past, and are excited about seeing those who are looking to show us their talent in the future! Below will be a selection of photos from the event.

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